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Eye Secrets Launched in the UK

26 October 2010 No Comment

Eye Secrets by Advanced Health Ltd – selling like HOT cakes!

Eye SecretsAdvanced Health Ltd, one of the premier Health & Beauty products manufacturer in the UK, today launched their much awaited eyelid lifter & under eye tightening product, “Eye Secrets”. The Company in a recent press release  revealed  that, over 15,000 people have been waiting on their pre-order list eager to buy.

A spokesman for the company behind the product said: ‘The Eye Secrets strips work by gently pushing the eyelid and hood of excess skin above the eye to the back of the eye socket, thus giving the eye the appearance of being fully open and supported.

‘The results last 12 hours, or until the strip is removed.’

Does it works?

The transparent strip can be applied and worn throughout the whole day comfortably and unobtrusively. On the vast majority of people, it will not be visible by anyone else. They do not have to be cut down to size as one size fits all; they are designed to fit any eye shape or size.

The Ingredients:

The Eye Secrets strips are coated with a durable medically proved hypoallergenic adhesive on one side alongside a petroleum based gel to be applied on top that makes it easy for you to move the strips to a position you are happy with. The gel and the adhesive combined both promise effective and strong adhesion to the eye without the pulling and irritation of the lid.

Buy Eye Secrets

They can also easily be re-adjusted and re-applied as you see fit. Once you are happy with the position of the strip on your eyelid, simply leave them where they are and after 1-2 minutes they will be set in place. Provided you have followed the instructions, the strips should stay in place perfectly for about 10-12 hours. Eye Secrets strips can be easily removed at the end of the day.

You get 30 strips in each box, a whole month’s supply of strips if you are applying them every day.

Early Results:

Users have reported looking and feeling 10 years younger with the use of Eye Secrets lid lifter, there is no hard and fast rule with the strips, you can use them any time, no matter where you are or what you are doing making it a highly viable alternative to surgery. You can feel more confident in your appearance; look better in photos and look people straight in the eye once again, knowing that you look great!

Where to buy Eye Secrets?

You can buy it from official website www.EyeSecrets.co.uk

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