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C9T11 Slimming Pills review

24 August 2009 6 Comments

C9T11 Slimming Pills

c9t11With a strange name, C9T11 slimming pills try to grab attention of Dieters. But this is not a new weight loss wonder pill, in fact manufacturers of this tablet Applied Nutritional Research LLC sell another similar pill having same ingredient with a different name Phosphacore.

C9T11 ingredients

Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) extract is the only active ingredient in this diet pill according to its official website.

What does C9 T11 mean and how does it work?

C9T11 is made using Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) extracted from Safflower. C9-T11 is an abbreviation of one of the isomers found in CLA, that is "Cis-9, Trans 11" isomer.
CLA is proven to aid weight loss (not a quick fix!) when the daily dosage is more than 3400mg.

But most of the CLA based (there are many!) slimming pills contain 500-750mg of CLA per pill. These pills would help in getting slim only when the daily dosage is 6-8 pills.

C9 T11 Pros

Based on Safflower extracts. Though CLA is clinically proven to aid fat loss, it is less likely to have more than 1000mg per pill.
Discloses company address and contact number.

C9 T11 Cons

  • Do not disclose other ingredients and CLA strength in the pill.
  • Look very similar to Phosphacore (same pill in a new bottle?) pills.
  • Make highly exaggerated weight loss claims with no reference to any proof.
  • No clinical studies conducted on C9T11 formulation.
  • Side effects: Some people report feeling slightly green or nauseous after taking CLA and some report of gastrointestinal upset or loose stools
  • Unlikely to have 3400mg as daily dosage.
  • Very costly when compared to popular CLA slimming pill brands on the market.


The official website of the C9T11 slimming pill is full of exaggerated weight loss claims. Though there are many CLA (from safflower) based slimming supplements on the market, they try to create a feeling among the people that theirs is a rare supplement that naturally aids super fast weight loss.

All these give us a warning! Better not to go for these.


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    Thanks for wrtiting such a great article and I am glad that I found it and read it when I did.

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    And I almost bought the crap.

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    I took this and i got huge so you dont know crap about what your talking about

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    so get your freacking facts strait u little terd

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    Never buy anything that is advertised or sold on television only. It usually turns out to be a scam.