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Chocolate Banana Sida Slimming Pills Review

11 September 2009 3 Comments

Chocolate Banana Slimming Pills


chockbananaWith a sweet but strange name, Chocolate Banana Pills do attract attention of dieters easily. Looking at the name one might think that these tablets are tasty and are made using Chocolate and Banana.

You are completely wrong! These slimming have nothing to do with Chocolates and Bananas. This is just its brand name.

Ingredients in Chocolate Banana Slimming Pills

Chocolate Banana Slimming tablet is nothing but Sida Cordifolia Complex that contains Sida Cordifolia, Guarana and White Willow Bark.

  • Sida Cordifolia: It is a herb with ephedrine alkaloids that are capable of increasing body temperature and boost metabolic rate.
  • Gurana: This is a caffeine rich plant native to the Amazon rain forests.
  • White Willow Bark: It is a tree native to Europe and Asia having anti-inflammatory properties.

Do Chocolate Banana Pills aid weight loss?

Chocolate banana slimming pills are being marketed mainly as appetite suppressants by its sellers.

In fact its main ingredient Sida Cordifolia is fat burner that works by increasing metabolic rate. Even caffeine (from gurana) can boost metabolism artificially.

For us it looks like a fat burner than an appetite suppressant. It might work on people with less sensitiveness to caffeine.

Chocolate Banana Sida side effects

The common Chocolate Banana Sida side effects are nausea, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, ringing in the ears, ulcers, stomach burning, pain, cramping, gastrointestinal bleeding and liver toxicity, rash, dizziness, and kidney impairment.

Where to buy Chocolate Banana Sida pills?

These can be purchased online at few websites. But at e-bay.com people are selling these at cheap rates.

We do Not Recommend Chocolate Banana Tablets

We rarely recommend fat burning slimming pills as these can cause metabolic rate disorders and many other harmful side effects. People who take these usually gain back weight very fast once they stop taking these.

Chocolate Banana Tablets are not an exception. The common side effects listed above make us warn you against going for these pills.

Alternatives – Top rated appetite suppressants.

Hoodia Supplements: Better go for Genuine Hoodia supplements which can suppress appetite effectively without any side effects. Unique Hoodia is one of the genuine Hoodia Brands and is reasonably priced.


  • Josiah Russell said:

    Dark chocolate is my favorite kind of chocolate. Chocolates have some natural antioxidants too.,*:

  • Isabelle White said:

    i love to eat dark chocolate because it is very tasty and it is full of antioxidants too.”,

  • laura bee said:

    these beasts stop ur hunger pains but makes one V.dizzY & feel sick & shakey also nd 2 tan at leat 2 diet redbulls a day 2 help kp energy 2 avoid keeling over! word of advise 4 fattiees = aff yer arse n but it in the gym & eat less shite my friends;) jst my view:) xxx